GEOVAP is a technology provider in the fields of GIS, Industrial Automation and 3D data processing.
The company was founded in the year 1991. GEOVAP software is used to manage real-world assets to reduce costs and improve services and operational efficiency.
GEOVAP's operations are organised into three business segments:
Analysis, design, and implementation of information systems for utilities - electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications which includes technical documentation, engineering, operations and network maintenance.
Spatial resource management, property and facility information management.
Integrated GIS solutions in enterprise information systems.
System integration and consultation services.
Industrial Automation Software
Reliance SCADA/HMI system for the monitoring and control of industrial processes and building automation.
AVE 2 smart metering system for automatic remote data reading.
Development and commissioning of industrial software applications.
Customer support and training.
PLC development and manufacturing.
3D Scanning and Services
Mobile mapping.
Static scanning.
Analysis and administration of laser collected data.
GEOVAP in cooperation with its subsidiary TECO, a.s. is the leader of development, production, and implementation of Intelligent Automation for Technologies, Buildings, Transport and Machines.